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WELCOME TO THE NUTRISYNC PRO - SOUTHWELLNESS CLINICAL TRIAL NutriSync Pro - Southwellness Clinical Trial Includes: • Sample Collection System • Online lifestyle survey • At home cheek swab analysis • DNA test processing at BodySync DNA labs • HIPAA-secure summary sent to Southwellness Medical • Private, secure web portal with your personal Action Plan results • Daily food/supplement recommended allowances • Telemedical consult with NutriSync Professional, Dr. Tyler Southwell Physician-proven DNA nutrition analysis and 
one-on-one telemedical consult


NutriSync DNA Pro - Southwellness Clinical Trial: $900 (Regularly $1,200)

Pricing limited to first 300 patients to enroll.

Not available to New York state residents.






Welcome To A New Level of Personal Wellness


Developed by genetic scientists, genomic nutritionists and fitness professionals, the NutriSync Pro DNA Test is designed to help you better understand and manage your genetic nutrition and fitness goals. Targeting well-researched genes, the NutriSync Pro focuses on key genetic variations that have implications for how much certain nutrients and specific exercises may benefit you, based on published scientific studies. NutriSync Pro results meet high quality standards as demanded by rigorous regulatory oversight. The NutriSync Pro Action Plan interprets the scientific research on your genetic variations to set your specific lifestyle goals. These goals are combined with your online survey answers. Based on this integration, your Action Plan gives you an actionable guide to help increase the potential effectiveness of your diet and exercise programs.


Easy to follow at home process – easy to read results


Once you receive NutriSync Pro, you register online, complete an online Lifestyle Survey, collect your DNA using the provided cheek swabs, and send the cheek swabs to BodySync’s CLIA-certified DNA test laboratory in the provided FedEx envelope. Your DNA results and your LifeStyle Survey are combined to produce your personalized Health Action Plan. Dr. Southwell will receive your Action Plan along with a NutriSync Pro Patient Summary from BodySync Labs. You will be notified via email that your NutriSync Pro Action Plan is ready to view on your HIPAA-secure, private web portal. Dr. Southwell will then reach out to you to conduct a NutriSync Pro Telemedical Consult and discuss your personalized micronutrient needs in greater detail.

how to NutriSync Pro

Take your online LifeStyle Survey

Cheek swab at home and send to lab

Physician receives your Patient Summary and Action Plan

You receive your online results and Action Plan

You get your personalized telemedical consult


Dr. Tyler Southwell  –  Southwellness Comprehensive Medical Care


Tyler Southwell is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician practicing medicine for over 10 years, since receiving his MD from Wayne State University MD and completing a Residency from the University of Michigan. Dr. Southwell’s diverse clinical background includes both frontier and inner city practice with underserved communities, work with native tribes in Alaska and Arizona, and over 40 clinical trials. He currently runs an independent, cutting-edge private physician and wellness practice in the Phoenix, AZ area. Dr. Southwell has been a pioneering NutriSync Professional for years, utilizing NutriSync Pro DNA Test as a basis for creating personalized, genetically-designed medical solutions for health.


BodySync Personal Genetics  –  The Makers of NutriSync Pro

BodySync is an internationally recognized leader in the emerging fields of genetic testing for nutrition and fitness. BodySync’s genetic testing is performed in it's wholly owned DNA test laboratory in compliance with CLIA (42 CFR 493) Quality Assurance Standards. CLIA regulates all laboratory testing (except research) performed on humans for The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The privacy, security and accuracy of its laboratory testing, data center and product development facilities are paramount to the operations of BodySync.

NutriSync Pro: Powered by BodySync – and the Science of You

Frequently Asked Questions


Describe what is included in the NutriSync Pro Assessment?

The NutriSync Pro Assessment is a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle assessment based on your genetics and unique lifestyle. The following are included in your package:

     • instructions on how to access and complete your online Lifestyle Survey

     • instructions on how to collect cheek cells that contain your DNA

     • 2 cheek swabs, clean and sterile, stored in a sealed package to collect cheek cells

     • a white paper swab envelope with a label for your name and date of birth

     • a pre-labeled, prepaid envelope for shipping your swabs

The online diet and Lifestyle Survey is not in your package. You must go to the website to take your survey BEFORE sending your swabs to the laboratory. Your data are analyzed to generate your confidential, easy-to-follow NutriSync Action Plan. This report will highlight opportunities to enhance your nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and supplementation based on the combination of your genetics and lifestyle. Easy-to-read charts and simple graphs clearly illustrate which diet, supplement and lifestyle choices may be best suited to your journey toward optimal wellness.


How is my DNA collected?

In the privacy and convenience of your home, you will be able to collect cells between your lower cheeks and gums using the unique swabs provided. Use one swab for one cheek and the other swab for the other cheek. Use only the swabs provided. The swabs are put into the white Swab Envelope specially provided to allow drying of your swabs during transit. Please follow the instructions for collecting your cheek cells carefully to ensure good quality DNA. Completely fill out the information on the front of the small Swab Envelope. Place the Swab Envelope inside the larger Shipping Pack, fill in the return information on the prepaid shipping label. Keep your shipping receipt for your records. Drop the package in a FedEx® shipping box or leave with any FedEx® shipping representative.


How come my NutriSync Pro Action Plan is not completed?

The most frequent reason that we are not able to provide you with a NutriSync Pro Action Plan is because your Lifestyle Survey was not completed. Often there are differences between the information in the online Survey and your swab envelope. We cannot process your swabs until we are able to match your online Survey information to the information on your swab envelope.


I am a New York resident, can I take the test?

Bodysync is not able to process NutriSync Pro Assessments from New York State residents.


How long will it take to get my NutriSync Pro Action Plan results?

Typically it takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to receive your NutriSync Pro Action Plan. A quick check on a completed online survey and correctly labeled swab envelope will help prevent any delays.


Should I worry about  privacy issues?

Your Genetic Information will be encrypted and will not be directly associated with your personal information collected from your Lifestyle survey, but will be stored in an anonymized database maintained in accordance to CLIA and HIPAA IT standards. Your anonymized information may be used by the laboratory research affiliates to conduct further analyses for commercial purposes. Under no conditions will this information be released to third parties in a way that discloses personal information, except with your written permission, unless required by law. The laboratory is vigilant against breaches of security and continually improves security and privacy safeguards.


How is my privacy protected?

Protecting your privacy is at the core of NutriSync Pro Assessment service. We recognize your need for strong privacy protection and the careful management of your personal information, while still giving you easy access. Any information you share with NutriSync is kept strictly confidential and is secured electronically using encryption technology. The laboratory personnel and others who are required in the processing of your genetic results have been trained and tested to meet the requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your results are handled as Protected Health Information (PHI), as defined in HIPAA and regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in accordance to that defined in 45 CFR, §160 and Subparts A and E of §164.


What are “genetic variations”?

With the exception of identical twins, there are small differences between individuals in terms of the information that is contained in their DNA. It’s these differences that make each of us unique. For example, one DNA base or “genetic letter” (A, T, C or G) may be replaced by another. These variations can lead to different processes in the body, just as altering one letter in a word can completely change its meaning; for instance, from “g”oat to “c”oat. When the variation affects only one genetic letter, as in the goat/coat example above, it is called a SNP, pronounced “snip,” for single nucleotide polymorphism. In some genetic variations there may be a piece of DNA deleted or inserted in a gene that may also lead to an IN/DEL variation.


Are gene variations bad?

Gene variations aren’t necessarily bad. In many cases, gene variations have no effect on body systems or general health. In some cases, these variations can be beneficial when the change they bring about allows the body to function better than a different genetic variation. However, sometimes a variation can make the gene send a garbled message to the cell. Such messages may result in a cell product – such as an enzyme – that doesn’t work at its optimum. The variant enzyme may, for example, work faster or slower than is best for the conditions under which the body is working (your “environment”). Combined with an unhealthy diet or lifestyle, such gene variations may negatively influence your overall health.


If there are variations in my genes, can these be corrected?

Your genes are your genes for life. NutriSync is not a “gene therapy” program (the science of correcting unique and unusual gene variations) and does not offer treatment of any kind. Rather, we provide advice that takes into account the presence of common genetic variations. Information provided through the NutriSync Assessment is designed to assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness on the basis of following dietary, fitness and lifestyle opportunities based on your genetics and lifestyle. Establishing long term healthy habits can change the expression of your genes.


How accurate is my NutriSync Pro genetic profile?

The analysis of your DNA meets the rigorous compliance requirements of Quality Assurance and Accuracy Verification Standards of our CLIA-certified laboratory. The accuracy of the genetic analysis is greater than 95%.


How can my sample fail the NutriSync Genetic Analysis?

Sometimes the swabs provided do not contain enough or high quality DNA. The best time to collect your cheek cells is immediately after you wake up. Swab in between your cheeks and lower gums before you brush your teeth, or eat or drink anything. Occasionally the swabs are contaminated by the user that prevents analysis of your DNA. Do not let another person handle your swabs.


If you did not use the swab envelope provided, your swabs may not dry and your DNA may deteriorate before it reaches the lab. Do not put the swabs back into their original package because it may prevent the swabs from drying. Send your swabs as soon as you can to the laboratory for analysis of the DNA.


If the analysis does not meet our Quality Standards, we will ask you to submit another set of swabs free of charge. This will result in a substantial delay in delivery of your Action Plan, so it is important to follow the swabbing instructions provided.


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