BACKGROUNDPersonal genetics, bioinformatics, healthy nutrition & fitness.

BodySync’s patented genetic technologies provide a strategic platform – and an enabling technology – for a variety of proprietary and partner product and service developments in the personalized nutrition and fitness arenas. BodySync’s scientific approach begins with its proprietary genetic assessments using saliva swabs sent to its CLIA-Certified DNA lab, analyzing a discrete number of genes and genetic variations with scientifically well-documented links to nutrient metabolism and athletic performance. This is followed by a proprietary, Gene-LifeStyle™ software analysis that combines the genetic and lifestyle data, automatically generating personalized Action Plans reflecting a unique “gene/lifestyle map” for each participant. In addition, BodySync offers a combination of nutrition and fitness products and services designed to match an individual’s genetics and lifestyle profile. BodySync DNA™ Assessment, DNA Nutrition™ and DNA Fitness™ product technology has benefited from more than $30 million in investment, and is protected by seven issued patents and an additional nineteen patents (pending) relating to genes that indicate the requisite sustenance and exercise to potentially achieve optimum health benefits.

BodySync is a genetic life sciences company committed to personalized wellness innovation.