PRODUCT AFFILIATESAdded value, personalization and continuity for nutrition & fitness partners.

BodySync has synergistic relationships with a well-trained consortium of health and wellness practitioners, nationally and internationally acclaimed nutrition, fitness, and health and wellness organizations, a leading internet product broker, and an independent sales force of thousands of nutrition and fitness specialists around the world. With its technology, BodySync gives its product partners and affiliates a unique competitive edge - a brand association with the hard science of genetics and the unique positioning as one of the pioneers in personal nutrition and fitness. Just as BodySync has built special assessment and web delivery products to support and grow its existing partnerships, BodySync DNA technology can be adapted to create unique new DNA Assessment and Solutions systems to help product partners “genotype” nutrition, fitness, health and wellness products and services. BodySync DNA technology can alternatively be bundled with a variety of existing and new products developed by affiliate organizations seeking to integrate genetics into its product refinement, development, and positioning strategies. Adding a genetic basis for nutrition and fitness products, services, and recommendations helps commercial partners realize more repeat business, greater continuity levels, increased program compliance, and greater lifetime customer values.

Scalable technology that provides a new unique selling proposition for nutrition and fitness partners.