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BodySync has developed a sophisticated technology platform to facilitate: genetic data interpretation and analysis; transformation of that data into usable health and wellness information for individuals and partners; efficient access via proprietary information management systems; and the development of innovative new gene sequencing algorithms. This multi-tiered data software complex allows BodySync product developers to turn volumes of raw genetic information into practical intervention strategies for healthcare professionals, scientific platforms for commercialization partners, and valuable information, products and service for research partners and individuals.

Gene/LifeStyle Integration Technology
Central to this powerful R&D system is BodySync’s core Gene/Lifestyle™ Integration Technology, a proprietary software analysis program that interpolates genetic and lifestyle data to generate BodySync DNA Nutrition™ and DNA Fitness™ Action Plans. The proprietary software ranks the impact of specific gene variations in accordance with the science used for genotyping genes and variations. Such impact is based on the strength of biological bearing on health and wellness, as well as integrated genetic information with personal diet, fitness, and lifestyle information submitted by the individuals. The Gene/Lifestyle software estimates daily nutrient intake and generates personal goals based on the genetic analysis. The results are communicated in a doubly-encrypted online personal website. The software architecture utilized is a Microsoft SQL relational database stored on HIPAA-hardened servers, from which genetic and personal data for each individual is delivered by secure electronic methods. The originality of the BodySync Gene/Lifestyle™ Integration Technology has been recognized by Microsoft, which developed a case study on the web-based application of the software in conjunction with the science of Personal Genetics. BodySync bioinformatics technologies, which include a proprietary Lab Information Management System (LIMS), allow BodySync a global evaluation of experimental design and the ability to take advantage of emerging technologies and markets through the mining of its own database.

BodySync’s core Gene/Lifestyle Integration technology integrates and interprets nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle data into actionable diet and exercise information.