COMMUNITY HEALTHCAREDNA Technology to Foster Personalized, Preventative Care Planning.

According to the latest US Census statistics, Americans are spending about $70 billion on home healthcare and about $1.5 trillion on nursing facilities annually. Those numbers will continue to rise precipitously with the aging of baby boomers. BodySync DNA Assessment technologies are well suited to community healthcare companies seeking to develop a more preventive healthcare model and enter into the age of personalized medicine at the ground level: personalized nutrition and fitness. For home care, managed care, retirement and senior community, assisted and independent living businesses, BodySync DNA Nutrition Assessments help identify potentially inherent and chronic nutrient deficiencies/opportunities among clients, as a basis for developing gene-based meal planning guidelines – to a micronutrient level of specificity. BodySync DNA Fitness Assessments establish client musculoskeletal profiles, as a foundation for personalized workouts and movement regimens – distilled down to specific exercise recommendations.

Care Planning Benefits
Recognized and used by hundreds of leading healthcare professionals, physicians and researchers around the world, BodySync DNA Assessments aim to improve client quality of life at home, reduce the potential incidence of injury and hospitalization, and avoid premature placement to skilled nursing care. BodySync is committed to empowering individuals to take greater control of their own health and providing caregivers advanced new analysis tools to help guide nutrition and fitness programs. BodySync DNA Assessment results (Care Plans) provide physicians and community nutrition and fitness experts with valuable information to combine with known medical data, resulting in the ability to create highly personalized, preventative health and wellness programs. BodySync DNA Systems take the guesswork out of client nutrition and fitness planning, allowing community healthcare partners to attract and keep a more health-minded clientele and potentially increase program compliance and effectiveness. BodySync is committed to helping individuals and caregivers foster a more active role in the preventative care planning process and focus more strategically on wellness.

BodySync DNA Systems take the guesswork out of healthy client nutrition and fitness planning.