ECOLOGICAL CONCLUSIONWhat's good for people is good for the planet.

BodySync promotes and maintains environmentally responsible practices that benefit partners, consumers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. At BodySync, we constantly endeavor to improve our environmental policies by using or promoting garden or farm grown food products; supporting pollution prevention programs; using materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources; minimizing the emissions that contribute to climate change; building online, paperless work products wherever possible; and working with our suppliers to ensure maximum green efficiency and compliance. BodySync attempts to purchase green, environmentally safe products and contracts with environmentally responsible suppliers and distributors. BodySync’s nutrition products and meal planning services reflect a core commitment to sustainable agriculture and fresh, natural ingredients. BodySync’s supplement and meal replacement products are all derived from natural products. BodySync promotes healthy eating habits, primarily built around farm or garden grown fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains – for the benefit of the earth, animals, and humans. As a genetic health and wellness company with nutrition and fitness products, BodySync’s core ecological principal can be summed up as follows: people and planet first – then profit.

People and planet first – then profit.