DNA NUTRITION & FITNESSMaking the Genetic Connection to Diet and Exercise Planning.

BodySync DNA Nutrition & Fitness™ Assessments, Action Plans and Solutions Systems provide individuals with practical eating and exercise advice based on a combination of advanced nutrigenetic, kinesiogenetic and personal lifestyle data. Examining a discreet but robust number of genes, BodySync DNA™ Nutrition & Fitness Assessments focus on genetic variations that research has shown can help individuals receive greater benefit from specific nutrient intake and attain better fitness results from certain types of exercise. Genetic assessment results and online LifeStyle Questionnaire data are analyzed using BodySync’s core, web-based, Gene/Lifestyle™ Integration Technology. A detailed Nutrition & Fitness Action Plan is generated and delivered via a private, personal website, featuring a Genetic Assessment Results Report signed by BodySync’s Medical Director. Lifetime BodySync customers can update LifeStyle changes regularly and receive new Action Plans periodically to chart progress.

NutriKinesiogenetic Data Applications
The genetic data underpinning BodySync Nutrition & Fitness Action Plans can be used to "genotype" nutrition and fitness programs or generate new meal and workout planning systems, based on an individual’s nutrikinesiogenetic profile. BodySync’s DNA Nutrition & Fitness Assessments include a personal Action Plan, which can provide the basis for a host of genetically-guided nutrition and fitness products and services, including the development of highly personalized diet and exercise regimens and companion products. BodySync DNA Nutrition & Fitness Assessments are the subject of ongoing nutrigenomic and kinesiogenomic clinical studies designed to validate the utility of genetics in supporting healthy nutrition and fitness.

BodySync’s core DNA Nutrition & Fitness™ Assessments focus on a number of genes and genetic variations that research has shown to be associated with individual nutrient metabolism and exercise effectiveness potential.