CORPORATE WELLNESSIncreasing program compliance and reducing healthcare costs via genetics.

Healthcare costs are a primary business concern. Obesity in particular costs corporations more and more each year. Seventy-five percent of healthcare spending is related to diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease – much of which can be avoided or mitigated through preventative measures. Over 56 academic studies have shown an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 3.2 for every corporate dollar invested in proactive wellness programs over a 3-5 year period. There is a solid body of evidence showing that wellness programs pay off in lowering healthcare costs, improving morale, increasing productivity, and reducing absenteeism and turnover. Foresighted companies around the world are rapidly ushering in a promising new age of genetics to mitigate this corporate drain. BodySync stands at the nexus of this global multi-market shift toward personalization, preventive health, and proactive wellness. BodySync works in close coordination with corporate wellness partners dedicated to realizing the enhanced “fiscal and physical” corporate wellness benefits of genetics. To help organizations reap the financial reward of these highly personalized nutrition and fitness programs, BodySync further customizes, adapts, and integrates its suite of DNA Assessment and Solutions Systems into existing corporate wellness programs, develops new interventions or combines its IP with that of partner organizations seeking a more personalized effective nutrition and fitness program model.

Running a healthy organization: How genetic nutrition and fitness can help improve the bottom line.