ETHICAL PRACTICESPrinciples among principals.

BodySync understands that there is considerable potential for unethical use and abuse of genotyping and bioinformatics technologies. BodySync’s corporate culture supports the right of individuals to: access information relating to their own genome; choose with whom they share that information; receive complex reports on their own well-being; and benefit from genomic innovation now. This BodySync BioEthics Code encompasses a concrete commitment to compliance with all applicable regulatory frameworks, a critical aspect of BodySync’s pursuit of responsible science.

Ethical Mission
BodySync’s ethical mission is to harness the power and knowledge of genetic information for the benefit of the individual – while protecting existing individual human rights. If or when specific BodySync information products are deemed to have implications for – or potential impact on –medical interventions, BodySync will make its services available through a qualified practitioner. BodySync denounces all illegal activities, including any type of discrimination, security and privacy invasions, antitrust violations and harmful operational standards of any kind. BodySync pursues sound scientific and business objectives at the highest possible ethical level, celebrating human nature, advocating personal integrity, and striving to be the best example of a responsible corporate citizen in personal genetics.

BodySync is committed to regulatory compliance and the pursuit of responsible science.