CLINICAL TRIALSBuilding evidence to support genetics as a basis for healthy nutrition and fitness.

BodySync maintains a focused, independent scientific research agenda to substantiate its core DNA assessment and bioinformatics technologies. Innovation, validation, and replication are central to BodySync’s research methodologies. BodySync’s research agenda includes: ongoing university studies to document the utility of its core genetic assessment technology; genomic nutrition and fitness studies –independently, using BodySync DNA Nutrition & Fitness Solutions products – and collaboratively with partners using third-party wellness products and services; and daily database mining to examine and potentially discover new gene-diet and gene-fitness associations that may be candidates for BodySync’s expanding core gene panel. BodySync’s development efforts are geared toward uncovering new genomic nutrition and fitness associations; repeatedly testing the effect of customized diet and exercise to maximize potential genetic strengths and minimize weaknesses; and conducting longitudinal, aftermarket metabolomic, proteomic, gene expression, and oxidative stress testing to further establish the connection between genetics and metabolic pathways.

Clinical Collaborations
BodySync technology was used as a basis for the initial published study demonstrating the utility of its gene-guided nutrition Action Plans to improve weight loss management. In this study, published in the Nutrition Journal in October, 2007, individuals using BodySync DNA-guided diets were significantly more likely to sustain long term (300 days) weight loss, reduce body mass index, and improve blood glucose levels than a matched control group. Since then, BodySync technology has been adopted by a number of scientific and corporate research partner organizations in the U.S., Europe and the Pacific Rim. BodySync actively seeks research collaborations with health and wellness organizations interested in using nutrigenetic and kinesiogenetic technologies to build genetically-guided nutrition and fitness interventions, products, and services.

BodySync actively seeks research collaborations with health and wellness organizations.