NUTRIGENETICSDelivering on the promise of genomics via more informed nutrition decisions.

Perhaps the most promising aspect of the Personalized Medicine revolution in terms of preventative care is personalized nutrition or nutrigenetics (genetics and nutrition). The field of study underpinning this core Personal Genetics discipline, nutrigenomics, seeks to understand the relationships between genes, nutrition and health. Genetic nutrition is poised to change the face of healthcare irrevocably. Nutrigenomic research set the stage for BodySync’s DNA Nutrition™ Assessment and solutions product developments, based on providing personalized, gene-based, diet and lifestyle solutions to potentially enhance individual health and wellness.

Gene Selection
The genes used to develop BodySync’s current products were selected based on extensive reviews of scientific literature encompassing a range of disciplines, including nutrition, biochemistry, epidemiology, and molecular biology. These genes have been studied extensively, but until recently, this knowledge has not been applied to consumer products to help individuals improve health and wellness. Studies show that the genes in BodySync DNA Assessment products may have an impact on well-known biomarkers related to health and wellness, such as cholesterol, inflammatory cytokines, and homocysteine. The selection of genes in BodySync’s panel is based on published data in multiple scientific peer-reviewed journals and articles. Rare genes lacking clinical study support – such as those found in less than one percent of the human population, are excluded from BodySync assessment panels. BodySync adds to its gene pool regularly by conducting university clinical studies, analyzing peer-reviewed articles that cite additional genes that meet the criteria for personal genetics applications, and collaborating with other scientific groups to genotype samples for new gene/diet/wellness associations.

Genetic nutrition is poised to change the face of healthcare irrevocably.