NUTRITION & FITNESSGenetic technology designed for diet and training professionals.

The BodySync DNA Nutrition™ Assessment was originally developed to help nutritionists, dieticians, and nutritional doctors integrate genetics into personalized diet plans for customers and patients. BodySync DNA Nutrition Systems provide highly personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on proprietary genetic analyses and comprehensive lifestyle questionnaires. The consumer receives an assessment of his/her current diet and lifestyle along with goals and an Action Plan for achieving better nutrition and fitness levels. The Action Plan provides information on nutrition and genes, along with a guide to genetically-determined vitamin and mineral supplementation. The BodySync DNA Fitness™ Assessment was originally designed exclusively for personal trainers to help clients optimize athletic strengths and maximize the effectiveness of personal training strategies. This revolutionary new DNA Fitness technology provides a genetics-based Action Plan focused on the areas of lipid metabolism, blood flow, anti-oxidant defense, and vitamin B metabolism. BodySync DNA Nutrition and Fitness products have now been combined into one comprehensive DNA Nutrition & Fitness™ System. BodySync has programmed a secure, encrypted, web-based delivery system to send nutrition and fitness professionals confidential genetic results for each client. These online DNA Assessment results and ongoing client lifestyle updates are designed to help nutrition and fitness professionals guide and track patient progress, personalize client nutrition and fitness, build custom diets and workouts, increase program compliance, and enhance client loyalty and lifetime customer value.

BodySync DNA Assessments may help improve compliance, results, and loyalty from clients.