LICENSINGGenetic technology IP for partners in personalized medicine, nutrition, and fitness.

BodySync has 19 issued and pending U.S. patents, as well as one license (non-exclusive) to genes for use in its assessments. Among its key intellectual property assets is an issued U.S. patent that covers the use of computational techniques to generate health and wellness recommendations based on genetic data and personal lifestyle information. This patent is fundamental to any approach that uses genetic, dietary exercise, and lifestyle information to provide consumers with personalized nutrition and fitness guidance. BodySync has developed a licensing strategy designed to capitalize on its strong position and provide the benefits of its IP investments to new licensing partners dedicated to responsibly expanding the role of genetics in the fields of personal nutrition, fitness, and wellness. A license to BodySync genetic technologies can help organizations enter into the field with its established patent portfolio. Companies already invested in genomics can further enhance organizational IP portfolio values and increase its competitive edge through an association with BodySync.

BodySync helps organizations enter into the field of genomic nutrition and fitness with its adaptable genotyping and bioinformatics technologies.