INDUSTRYEnabling a more personal approach to human wellness.

The market opportunity for BodySync and its products is fueled by rapidly growing consumer demand for personalized wellness solutions, coupled with accelerating efforts across a number of multi-billion-dollar industries to meet that demand. Over the past decade, major advances in genomics have dramatically increased scientific understanding of individual differences in human genetic makeup, paving the way to a more personalized approach toward healthcare. The quickly evolving and increasingly integrated sciences of genomics (genetic mapping), proteomics (gene expression) and metabolomics (metabolite profiling) have given scientists the potential to personalize healthcare, affording providers the ability to match drugs to a patient’s genetic profile and predict in advance of treatment how an individual may respond to a given therapy. This growing field of “pharmacogenetics” will redefine the existing pharma business model, based on more strategic, disease-prevention and mitigation therapies. However, unlike pharmacogenetics, BodySync’s nutrition and fitness products have been designed to provide enhanced personal health and wellness opportunities to individuals – NOT to predict disease.

Embracing the Future
Major organizations across a wide spectrum of industries have embraced the future of Personalized Medicine and its largest component, personalized Nutrition and Wellness. As a leading nutrigenetics assessment and solutions technology company with a streamlined product development/launch cycle, BodySync is positioned to provide an “enabling” role in the $232 billion personalized Nutrition and Wellness market. BodySync is fostering product co-development, technology licensing and distribution collaborations with a variety of industrial partners in the healthcare, nutrition, healthy foods, fitness, weight loss, personal wellness and vitamin industries, enabling a variety of collaborators to hone new product development, increase lifetime customer values and realize the financial benefits of being among the first to enter the new era of genetic personalization with BodySync.

BodySync provides enabling technology to personalized nutrition, fitness, and wellness partners.