MISSIONPersonal wellness technologies for 21st century living.

BodySync is committed to the improvement of human nutrition and fitness through DNA science. BodySync’s scientific research targets genetic connections to nutrient metabolism, physical fitness, cardiovascular health, immunological health, antioxidant health, calcium absorption in bone density glycemic load, healthy weight management, and mental well-being. BodySync is at the forefront of the Personalized Medicine movement, with mature genotyping technologies based on well-researched and well-accepted gene/nutrient and gene/fitness clinical support (peer reviewed). BodySync has also developed modular bioinformatics platforms, web technology interfaces, and product delivery systems to provide highly personalized health and wellness information to individuals and wellness partners.

Today’s Solutions
At BodySync, we understand that the future of healthy nutrition and fitness lies in a better understanding of genetics. In fact, BodySync DNA™ technologies have been the foundation of a variety of clinical studies around the world, groundbreaking research designed to determine the degree to which specific gene variations or combinations of variations may be used to match individuals to optimized nutrition and fitness programs. The sciences of nutrigenetics and kinesiogenetics are evolving rapidly. As genotyping technologies improve, BodySync will continue to build increasingly personalized nutrition and fitness systems for individuals and organizations. While contributing to the growing body of scientific support for genetically-guided nutrition and fitness, BodySync will continue to provide its multi-patented DNA Assessment and Solutions Systems to individuals and wellness partners committed to taking more control over personal health and adopting a more personalized, truly preventive human wellness model today.

BodySync has set out to foster a truly individualized, preventive health and wellness model.