INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYPatented gene-lifestyle associations, integration & interpretation technologies.

BodySync’s assets include substantial protected intellectual property. BodySync has a license to a large number of genes used in its DNA Nutrition and Fitness assessments. BodySync has seven issued patents and nineteen pending patents. BodySync’s patent portfolio includes protection of discoveries covering various methods for determining gene/nutrient and gene/fitness interactions. Another key intellectual property asset is a U.S. patent that covers the use of computational techniques to generate health and wellness recommendations based on genetic data and personal lifestyle information. This patent is fundamental to any approach that uses genetics, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle information to provide consumers with personalized diet, exercise and lifestyle guidance. BodySync will continue to develop new intellectual property, on its own or with partners, including supplementary and complementary products related to gene assessments. BodySync will also continue research in gene/diet and gene/exercise associations internally through mining its database.

BodySync has 7 issued and 19 pending patents on gene/nutrient and gene/fitness associations.