LEADERSHIPGood business practice, responsible science and personal integrity.

BodySync’s corporate architecture consists of a parent corporation and two wholly-owned subsidiaries. The Los Angeles-based parent company, BodySync, Inc., managed by CEO and founder Vince Pavelock, owns all intellectual property (including patents, assessment algorithms, solutions products, brands, trademarks, licenses, etc.), which is licensed to the subsidiaries and partner companies. BodySync DNA Sciences is a genotyping facility and CLIA-Certified lab subsidiary, directed by BodySync CSO, Dr. Pauline Gee, PhD, who oversees operations of the CLIA lab and provides scientific leadership on all testing activities for the company. BodySync DNA Solutions, a second subsidiary led by company COO Patricia Kennedy, is an intellectual property product incubator and brand innovation lab, responsible for developing, clinically testing, branding, and marketing all BodySync genetically-guided nutrition and fitness solutions products. The leaders of BodySync share essential corporate values, including a practical vision of enhanced human wellness through genetics, precise execution at the operational level and unyielding standards for good business and science practices at all levels of the organization. BodySync management team aims to impart a deep sense of ethical, ecological, cultural, and fiscal responsibility to stakeholders, suppliers, employees, customers, and families.

Vince Pavelock, Chief Executive Officer
BodySync is led by CEO Vince Pavelock, who brings a wealth of consumer products experience with multinational corporations, large advertising agencies, and entrepreneurial companies in executive management, creative directorial and senior corporate, product and brand management capacities to the company. For two decades, Mr. Pavelock has run a leading intellectual property product and brand design incubator credited with the development of high-visibility corporate expansions and mass market products and services. Throughout his career, Mr. Pavelock has been the driving developmental force behind a number of major, commercially successful products based on advanced human performance, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, leisure and entertainment technologies. Simultaneously, Mr. Pavelock dedicated a great deal of time and considerable financial resources to secure and apply the intellectual property assets that have come to form the basis of BodySync, which he co-founded in 2009. As CEO, Mr. Pavelock is responsible for strategic corporate development; new product development, brand development and management; market expansion and innovation; and the multi-channel, go-to-market growth strategies that underpin the company’s robust expansion record and plan. Mr. Pavelock’s hands-on approach to business and ability to attract highly intelligent, educated, motivated, creative and talented professionals are integral facets of his growth-through-innovation work ethic. Mr. Pavelock graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with a Master of Arts Degree in 1983.

Dr. Pauline Gee, PhD, Chief Science Officer
BodySync CSO, Dr. Gee oversees operations for the company’s wholly owned, CLIA-certified genotyping lab and provides scientific leadership on all scientific activities for the company. Dr. Gee’s responsibilities also include scientific test research and new test product development – from inception to technical sales support. Dr. Gee’s equity and time investments in BodySync have been critical to attaining and maintaining CLIA compliance at BodySync’s lab from its inception. Before joining BodySync, Dr. Gee served as Chief Technology Officer for a pioneering nutrigenetics company, where she was responsible for lab operations and IT and technical support of technology commercialization, including: QC/QA; vendor/service provider relationships; technical management of test product distribution channels; validation studies for regulatory compliance; in-house lab facility build-out; CLIA registration and inspection; and CLIA lab certifications. Dr. Gee received her BSC in kinesiology and marine biology and PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from Simon Fraser University. Her doctoral thesis in neurochemistry was awarded a Canadian Medical Research Fellowship, which helped support her post-doctoral work at Stanford and UC Berkeley, where she developed and patented a “mutagenicity” test.

Patricia E. Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Kennedy’s background spans key management positions with major law, entertainment, health and wellness companies, including a long-standing executive management position at a major intellectual property and product design incubator, where she serves as President, managing strategic marketing initiatives, client services, operations, and product and brand expansion activities. Before cofounding and becoming COO at BodySync, Ms. Kennedy’s executive directorial and production talents were devoted to strategic marketing and senior product/brand management for large-scale organizations such as Roush, Warner Bros., Rexall-Sundown, FranklinCovey, Body by Jake, Guthy-Renker, Provida Life Sciences, The Walt Disney Company, National Audubon Society, the Government of Singapore, The Coca Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, Miss Universe, the Republican National Committee, the University of Southern California and many more. Ms. Kennedy is spearheading the current Keck School of Medicine nutrition and fitness pilot study based on BodySync’s core genotyping technology at USC, where she graduated from the Marshall School of Business with an MBA in 1988. Ms. Kennedy has also served on the board of directors at USC’s Marshall School of Business Graduate School Alumni Association intermittently over the past two three decades.

BodySync’s key management nurtures a healthy, growth-through-innovation corporate work ethic, balancing clear vision, precision execution, sound business practice and high scientific standards.