GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICESAnticipation, innovation, collaboration, needs fulfillment & value creation.

BodySync’s business model and core genetic assessment technologies have been built to anticipate, adapt, collaborate, add value, innovate, and deliver on the evolving science of personal genetics. Development of the technology that constitutes BodySync’s genetic assessments began the day after the human genome project concluded in 2003. Almost a decade later, BodySync continues to anticipate change, seeking new ways to bring the practical benefits of genetics to individuals. BodySync contributes to the expanding body of knowledge surrounding personal genetics and embraces the spirit of scientific innovation. Responsible ingenuity is our goal. BodySync regularly evaluates the most promising new genetic scientific developments and integrates them into its core technology platform. Additionally, BodySync integrates highly complex, web-based, data interpretive/computational technology and software into its product delivery systems. BodySync invests in these cutting edge technologies to facilitate integration with commercial partners, in an effort to help them better fulfill consumer needs. BodySync technologies are designed to add significant value to products and services offered by its partners. Finally, BodySync regularly reviews its business model to look for the most practical, applicable uses of its technology to help partner companies grow in wealth and individuals in health.

Keeping abreast of developments in genetics is not enough – responsible innovation is the goal.