FISCAL FITNESSManaged growth through careful innovation.

BodySync’s scientific focus is on creating insight and resultant health for its customers, and its financial focus is on creating stability, value, and wealth for its stakeholders. Consequently, all BodySync test and solutions products are designed with a specific health benefit and revenue model in mind. BodySync’s practical approach toward applied genetics has resulted in a profitable product launch cycle from the outset of business operations in 2009. Managing our company through regular collaboration with key partners, advisers, and strategic affiliates, BodySync has created a Finance Committee that consists of six seasoned investment bankers. They have contributed invaluable financial leadership, oversight, transparency and accountability, and tactical foresight, empowering BodySync management to make sound, calculated investments. Each member of the BodySync Finance team has demonstrated confidence in BodySync’s viability by personally investing in BodySync as an equity shareholder.

Efficient and Profitable
Immediately profitable and post-revenue within months of its inception, BodySync is poised to take a leadership role in the emerging personalized medicine, nutrition and fitness industry. Delivering on fiscal responsibility while maintaining scientific integrity is essential to BodySync’s mission. By continuing to work efficiently and profitability, and by apprising each other of challenges and opportunities and sharing honestly in the risk and rewards of the enterprise, BodySync enables its partners, affiliates, customers, and itself to thrive and profit with confidence and trust.

Delivering on fiscal responsibility – while maintaining scientific integrity.