CULTURAL INTEGRITYA promising, new world health & wellness movement based on personal genetics.

BodySync sees itself as an integral part of the health and wellness community at all points of intersection, in-house and with healthcare professionals, business partners, customers, and vendors throughout the world. BodySync plays an important role in the community at its own locations and at that of its partner companies. BodySync creates jobs and invests in the welfare of its employees and those of its partner companies. BodySync is majority-owned and staffed by women, a gender under-represented in the biotech industry. BodySync regularly sponsors university studies as a core entrepreneurial responsibility. BodySync’s ongoing USC Keck School of Medicine studies are multi-ethnic in scope, reflecting a conviction that it is our corporate responsibility to embrace, understand, and address the essential physiological differences between ethnicities, at the cellular level. By validating essential genetic differences between people, BodySync can ultimately bring the healthy benefits of personal genetics to various cultures and ethnicities around the world.

BodySync seeks to heighten the quality of life of every individual who encounters the organization.