GENETIC ASSESSMENTSDNA technologies with patented nutrition & fitness associations.

BodySync develops DNA Assessments targeting gene/nutrient and gene/fitness connections, nexuses backed by well-established clinical research. Analyzing a discreet but robust number of genes, BodySync DNA™ Nutrition and Fitness Assessments focus on genetic variations that have been most associated with an individual’s ability to metabolize specific nutrients and benefit from certain types of exercise. While BodySync develops a variety of genetic assessments for different wellness applications, all are focused on healthy nutrition and/or fitness measures that can be implemented at home. BodySync DNA Assessments are simple and practical. Individuals provide DNA-rich cheek swab samples to BodySync’s in-house CLIA-Certified DNA Laboratory, along with an in-depth, online LifeStyle Questionnaire. Genetic assessment results are combined with questionnaire data using BodySync’s proprietary Gene/Lifestyle™ Integration Technology, which automatically generates an Action Plan which includes nutrient metabolism and detailed athletic profiling information.

Genetic Action Plans
BodySync Action Plans are written in easy-to-understand language, with simple graphics, to provide guidance on achieving nutrition and/or fitness goals. Lifetime customers can update the LifeStyle Questionnaire periodically and receive new Action Plans to track progress. The genetic data underpinning BodySync Action Plans can be used to “genotype,” generating existing nutrition and fitness programs, or create new personalized meal and workout planning systems. Highly sophisticated and individualized nutrition and fitness strategy tools, BodySync DNA Solutions are not replacements for expert advice from a certified personal training professional and/or physician. BodySync DNA Assessments are neither diagnostic nor predictive of disease and are not available to the public as stand-alone products. BodySync technology is designed to develop unique assessments tailored to – and available through – a highly select group of distributors, physicians, healthcare, nutrition, fitness, gym and corporate wellness professionals.

BodySync DNA Assessments target well-researched gene variations associated with one’s ability to metabolize specific nutrients or benefit from certain exercises.