SCIENTIFIC STANDARDSEvaluating genes & variation information you can act on for potential benefit.

While there is an enormous amount of data being generated and many studies being published about genome wide associations in GWAS (Genome Wide Association Studies), BodySync upholds the highest standard for monitoring and evaluating this information, as a basis for potential development of new DNA test algorithms. BodySync’s Genetic Research Team monitors these and other peer-reviewed studies regularly, evaluates the findings to determine potential utility, and integrates the most promising genes into its assessment panels. Genes constituting BodySync DNA™ Assessments are based on well-accepted, multiply-validated clinical studies. BodySync’s test platform targets only genetic associations that have viable nutritional and fitness references. In selecting these variations, BodySync adheres tightly to suggestions made by the Institute of Medicine. Because BodySync’s scope involves uncharted territories, BodySync seeks out independent replication of the findings under consideration. Each new genetic marker added to a BodySync gene panel goes through an extensive validation and development process to ensure genotyping standards consistent with FDA guidelines – before being made available to healthcare professionals and the public.

All genetic markers included in BodySync gene panels go through an extensive validation process.