HEALTHCAREGuiding personalized wellness with genetics.

Many healthcare professionals have entered into the personalized medicine movement by way of BodySync DNA nutrigenetic and kinesiogenetic analysis technologies, advanced genetic assessments designed to: help providers establish a more complete picture of patient health; add to the scope, frequency and potential effectiveness of preventative care; and provide individuals with healthy nutrition and fitness options based on genetics. Recognized and used at the practice level by hundreds of physicians in a variety of disciplines, BodySync Assessments are used to guide nutrition and fitness programs, including healthy weight management, a growingly important consideration in all BodySync clinical studies. BodySync has developed its genetic assessment and solutions technologies to arm healthcare professionals with precision weapons to fight unhealthy nutrition and unfitness.

New Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Tools
All BodySync DNA Assessment and Solutions Systems target genetic variations that research has shown to have potential impact on individual nutrient metabolism and one’s ability to benefit from certain types of exercise. BodySync DNA Nutrition Assessments focus on gene/nutrient associations with potential impact on cardiovascular, antioxidant, immunological, lipid metabolism, detoxification, and bone health – and correlates personal dietary recommendations with micronutrient-level detail. BodySync DNA Fitness Assessments examine gene/fitness associations with potential implications for lung capacity, muscle recovery and VO2 max capacity – and correlate that information to optimum workouts and optimum power-to-endurance exercise ratios. BodySync’s core DNA Nutrition & Fitness™ Assessment technologies provide healthcare professionals with a cellular snapshot of an individual’s personal nutrition and fitness needs based on genetics and lifestyle. Medical professionals can now take advantage of the latest developments in nutrigenetic and kinesiogenetic science – and join the personalized medicine movement at the ground level of nutrition and fitness with BodySync.

DNA Assessment technologies designed to help practitioners get a more complete picture of patient health.