VISIONPreventative health through personal genetics.

Nutrition and fitness science is undergoing a revolution due to advances in genomics. BodySync is a leader in that revolution with its Personal Genetics assessments and solutions products designed to provide individuals with simple tools and recommendations to help make more informed lifestyle decisions and potentially realize health and wellness benefits. DNA BodySync™ assessments use the latest genotyping platforms to provide personalized Action Plans based on known gene/diet, gene/fitness, and gene/environment associations. In addition to genetic markers presently targeted in its assessments, BodySync scientists continually evaluate new genes to potentially improve its signature personalization factor. In its role as innovator, BodySync stays current with peer-reviewed studies to enhance its own technology as well as advance genetic technology’s inroads into the personal nutrition and fitness movement at the nucleus of the emerging Personalized Medicine industry.

BodySync scientists continually evaluate new genes to increase the degree of assessment personalization.