GENOTYPINGA powerful scientific platform for personal wellness.

BodySync’s paramount R & D objective is to transform its genetic assessment and existing patented discoveries into tangible, solutions-based products for individuals. Secondly, BodySync will develop clinical studies to explore novel associations to add to its foundational intellectual property estate. Thirdly, BodySync will continue to refine its genotyping products to include biomarkers that encompass a person’s more complete health picture, including metabolomics and proteomics, in an effort to further understand a customer’s current health status and better customize solutions products accordingly. BodySync also in-licenses key intellectual property around biomarkers to take advantage of the best and most appropriate external research. BodySync’s genetic assessment development strategy is designed to accommodate market-driven needs through existing and potential commercialization partnerships with major healthcare, nutrition and fitness, corporate wellness, licensing, and distribution partners. As genotyping technologies evolve, BodySync will always equip its wholly owned lab with the most current and best genotyping devices, in an effort to provide customers with the most accurate and affordable access to personal genetic information. BodySync presently uses the Illumina Bead Xpresss and a proprietary Gene/LifeStyle Integration™ technology to interpret the results of all proprietary DNA Assessments.

BodySync transforms genetic data into tangible, solutions-based products for individuals.