LABORATORYAccuracy, privacy, security, integrity & innovation.

BodySync conducts its genotyping at a wholly-owned, CLIA-Certified DNA lab in Colorado, using the Illumina BeadExpress™ platform. This high-capacity genotyping facility provides BodySync with an integrated supply chain, flexibility for rapidly generating customized genetic screens, and scalability for developing customized products aimed at specific markets. BodySync’s DNA Lab is CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)-Certified - a mandate established by the U.S. Congress. BodySync is monitored by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which establishes quality standards for all laboratory assessments to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of lab assessment results. CLIA governs lab personnel, accuracy verification testing, patient assessment management, quality assurance, and quality control.

HIPAA Compliance
BodySync strictly adheres to the rules and limits established by HIPAA, the Federal law enforced by the US. Dept. of Health and Human Services that requires healthcare entities to securely protect all individual health information. BodySync personnel are HIPAA trained, and BodySync has instituted multiple levels of security and encryption in its genetic data processing. All genetic samples are discarded immediately after being processed for analysis. All private customer information is protected in BodySync’s state-of-the art data center and secure hosting environment, guaranteeing HIPAA-compliance of BodySync computer server hardware and software applications.

BodySync owns and operates a CLIA-certified lab and adheres to HIPAA privacy rules at all organizational levels.